Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
Ten years ago, Joey and I started putting our weird sad photocomics online, so that our friends in other cities could see what we were making. It's unbelievably nutty that you guys have supported us for this long, what is your problem...oh, and THANK YOU!

If you'd like some valentines to show your love for us/other people, get them NOW so that they will arrive in time!
joey comeau
Today is our 10th anniversary. We started the same week that Ryan North started his Dinosaur Comics, and we became friends with him and we are basically internet comic soul mates now. What we SHOULD have done was buy stock in Apple computers. That is the lesson here, I guess. Life is full of regret.

I am just kidding! Being friends with Emily and Ryan and all these other great comic writers and artists and readers that we've met over the past decade is way better than being a mega-muh-billionaire. When we were younger we lived in constant fear of one day having to grow up and get "real jobs" but it turns out that is a lie! If you want to make sad comics about feelings for other people and put them on the internet as your career, then follow that stupid dream!