Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I'm super into this article from Dissent Magazine, which traces how the intellectual obsessions of the 90s (specifically, the theorizing of pop culture) were affected by the conservative political climate of the oughts to include more practical concerns of labour and class. The professor who is profiled here was the editor of Social Text, and thus the object of the famous Sokal Hoax. I don't think I'd realized when I studied this that it had just happened a few years before. I started my undergrad in the tail end of the 90s, and it's fascinating to see what was going on in the academic world then, with the benefit of a little distance.
joey comeau
Hello, there should be more advice about dealing with depression when you're stupid and worthless, so here is a self help exercise.

Today's assignment is simple. Just go out and get on the bus.

It doesn't matter which bus. Whichever bus comes next. Get on, and just go. You could ride that bus to the very end, thank the driver, and then walk into the woods and just die. Just lay down right there and wait and wait until you were dead. Who is going to miss you?

Really, think about it. If you went out to the middle of nowhere and just sat down in a ditch and cried by yourself until you were dead, who would be the first person to wonder where you'd gone?

Call them up! Maybe they want to get ice cream?