Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
I am really loving this Pictures for Sad Children comic, the comic timing in it is totally spot-on. Read it!

In other Friend News, Ryan North has an awesome new thing in his shop...WEE REX!!!
joey comeau
Here are the most awesome things I have seen lately: First, here is a tiny plush version of HISTORY'S GREATEST MONSTER. I named mine, "Ryan." - Next up, Jess Fink is a stone cold genius. That link is not safe for work, but you should seriously consider quitting your job and taking a look. Victorian robot porn made sweet and wonderful and, you know, hot! - Pictures for Sad Children is still the strangest, most unexpectedly brilliant thing on the internet, and I think John Campbell is going to win the Nobel Prize for unexpected beauty. OH, and Edith Zimmerman is awesome. Have you read her stories? Why doesn't she have a book? WHY?

Congratulations to our friends Chris and Carly! They are so lovely.