Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
There is SO MUCH exciting business coming up for us! You probably already know about Joey's Overqualified launch on April 7, but I have a thing going on that very same night. I'll be on a panel with my pals Kate Beaton and Ryan North (among others) called Graphically Speaking as part of the Keep Toronto Reading events going on this month. It's from 6:30-8:30 on April 7, you can see the details here or get facebook to remind you when it's happening by setting your RSVP here. I'm going to be running from the North York Library down to Joey's launch in Kensington, I think you should do the same!

A couple of days later, Joey and I are heading to our first art show! We're a part of the totally amazing lineup for Titans of Small Town, a one-night show at 303Grand in Brooklyn. Chris Hastings and Ryan North are going to be there too, to answer questions and talk about how great they are, plus there's going to be original art from Chris Onstad. Check out the details, and if you're in New York come out and see us!
joey comeau
Two new shirt designs!

Overqualified book launch.
Tuesday, April 7th
6 Nassau st. in Kensington Market

I will see you there, maybe!