Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
ONE MORE DAY LEFT for our shirt about working for your money! Might not be safe for work, where they'd prefer you wear a t-shirt that says "I wish I had 73 cents for every dollar's worth of work I did." Also this shirt comes with one (1) free punch you can hand out to someone who tells you to smile today.

joey comeau
Action movies. A whole book of scenes that are like the best scenes from action movies. The hacker breaking into the computer system. Things exploding every page. Violence violence violence. Sweet cool dialogue, and no slowing down. Explode! Explode! Two sisters. One gets kidnapped. You know that scene in movies where the family says, "How do I know he's still alive?" and the kidnapper holds the phone to the kidnapped girl, and she sobs and says, "mom," but instead, the kidnapper puts the phone to the victim, and the victim says, "Hey, bring me a cheeseburger when you come to kill these guys." Totally unflappable. Then: explosion! Explosion!